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juillet 14, 2010

Roy ‘Bubbles’ Burrowes with Clifford Jordan and Charles Davis – Reggae Au Go Jazz

Note :

May (of 1999) saw another great album out of Studio One when Mr Dodd dusted off his vintage rhythms and invited Jamaican jazz trumpeter Roy « Bubbles » Burrowes to extemporise over them. Keeping
Burrowes company on Reggae au go Jazz were US tenor sax players Clifford Jordan and Charles Davis and the entire set amounted to one of the most interesting projects to emerge out of Studio One
in recent years, part of a lineage stretching back to those classic 1970s instrumental sets from Cedric Im Brooks and Roland Alphonso.

Another music business mystery – why such a good and relatively recent album would ever be out of print and completely unavailable in any form. Ernest Ranglin on guitar and bass, Jackie Mittoo on
the keys, Clifford Jordan on sax, Sir Coxsone Dodd is producing. Can’t miss with a lineup like this! Sounds somewhat like Monty Alexander or Ernest Ranglin’s solo albums, but more mellow.


Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Jazz Reggae Ska

Sortie : 1999

Tracklist :

1. Wet Land

2. Jericho Jazz

3. Bubble’s Bubble

4. My Father’s Jazz

5. Thirty One Thirty Five

6. Soul Sender

7. Dont Wait Too Long

8. Mount Zion Rock

9. Jamrec Jam

10. Mr. Loving Spoon

11. Reggae Au Go Jazz

12. Jazz Ville Funk



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