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octobre 27, 2010

A Calm in the Fire of Dances – Deep rumba

Origine du Groupe : V.A Cuba

Style : World Music , Rumba

Sortie : 2000

Kip Hanrahan is one of the most enigmatic figures in American music. He presides over recording sessions like a sage elder (or perhaps a dictator). Though he often takes no part in the actual
musical performances, his mere presence as Producer and Composer seems to direct his loyal musicians in interpreting his music, which has been described as “soundtracks to films that don’t
exist”. His earlier releases on American Clave, likeDesire Develops An EdgeandVertical’s Currency, paired the surreal vocals of ex-Cream bassist Jack Bruce with noir jazz charts of rich
exoticism. More recently he’s taken a more accessible interest in Afro-Cuban music and channeled it through the excellent group Deep Rumba (Rumba Profunda). His taste for dark moods still
predominates, even on the more upbeat selections. This disc, the second Deep Rumba recording, effectively transportsBuena Vista Social Clubto the seediest of Havana bars, with junkies shooting up
in the back booths and slutty waitresses with overflowing cleavage proffering powerful rum concoctions. For all its lightlessness, however, Deep Rumba is far more appealing to the mainstream
audience than the Hanrahan/Bruce collaborations. The titular leader didn’t even compose any of these works; he simply bills himself as Musical Director and offers up a background vocal on track

Hanrahan gathered some outstanding company for this session. Tenor man Charles Neville (of those famous New Orleans brothers) rubs elbows with fusion drummer Robby Ameen,Buena Vistatimbalero
Amadito Valdes, and Latin jazzers like bassist Andy Gonzales, drummer “El Negro” Horacio Hernandez, and conguero Giovanni Hidalgo. The rhythms and song structures are mostly true to traditional
Cuban forms. The disc opens with a woeful lament by Neville’s solo tenor sax, which leads into a hot drum duet by Ameen and El Negro. The percussionists take us from Bourbon Street to Birdland,
then finally down to Old Havana where the enchanted voice of Xiomara Lougart tempts us with pensive beauty. Track #2 has a discomforting juxtaposition, so typical of Hanrahan: the slow, gentle
ballad sounds of Lougart and violinist Alfredo Triff float ethereally over a veritable volcano of percussion. Triff also plays wild, distant jungle howls on the unusual #15, which features
Gonzales’ bowed bass.

More traditional Cuban sounds are scattered around the disc, with many unexpected twists. Track #7 is especially abstruse, a trio of tenor sax, vibrant bass, and El Negro clicking two large metal
keys together like claves. The next track is a brief, memorable rendition of the classic Besame Mucho ; Lougart sounds like she’s lounging half-drunk on a worn couch, a full ashtray sitting on
the floor. Vocalist Haila Monpie’s contributions are also noteworthy, her voice being more youthful and less dusky than Lougart’s. Other excellent lead vocals are provided by the soulful Pedro
Martinez and Puntilla Orlando Rios, a nice variety overall. The disc closes strangely, with the disembodied telephone-voices of Velibor Pedevski and El Negro over a pointillistic ground of
handclaps and percussion played on some type of metal “sculptures”. As always, Hanrahan leaves us puzzling over the unforeseen. This is an unconventional but most entertaining disc, especially
recommended for those who like a middle ground between Latin jazz and Buena Vista-style traditionalism.

by TODD S. JENKINS  for All About Jazz  permalink

Tracklist :

1.- Cubana

2.- Medley: Robby And Negro Opening Time/Pensamiento

3.- Bom Bom Bom Bom

4.- Prelude To Un Golpecito Na’ Ma

5.- Kip Quest

6.- Quimbara 2000

7.- Charles And Andy Discuss The Science Of Voodoo And The Voodoo Of

8.- Science

9.- Besame Mucho

10.- Tradicion

11.- Sugar And Cotton (Black Hands In White Labor)

12.- Cantar Maravillioso

13.- Giovannito

14.- Arabian Nights

15.- El Solo Nino

16.- Yambu De Las Cocas

17.- Work And Play (Real Life Dramas)


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octobre 27, 2010

Ray Callao – Salsonando

Origine du Groupe : Spain

Style : World Music , Latin Jazz , Salsa , Rumba

Sortie : 2009

Creative Commons License

From Official Myspace :

Ray Callao se reune por primera vez, en Barcelona, en Septiembre del 2007; sexteto de fusión Afro Latina, de aires frescos . Sus integrantes proceden de distintas partes del mundo, Barcelona,
México, Canarias, Perú…

Van desde el formato acústico con contrabajo, bongó y tres, hasta la formación de pequeña orquestra con 9 integrantes; destacan por su versatilidad y por la facilidad con la cual pasan por
distintos rítmos afrocubanos, sin perder ese sonido tan propio que les caracteriza. Tampoco tienen complejos cuando salen a tocar a la calle ni cuando suben a los escenarios más conocidos de la
ciudad condal, siempre buscan la complicidad del público. La voz callejera, el sonido jazz selvático de la guitarra, los metales explosivos y una sólida base rítmica, proponen una nueva opción
dentro del género y la actual escena musical barcelonesa.



tlf: 657751716

Tracklist :

1. El Muerto

2. Tiradito

3. Nadie se va

4. Maria

5. Baratija

6. El Gallo

7. Pepe Cobra


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octobre 6, 2010

Viva Tirado – La Indecente

Origine du Groupe : Spain

Style : Folk , World , Alternative , Rumba , Salsa

Sortie : 2005

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Viva Tirado es una formación mixta en la que predomina la fusión de músicas de muy diverso índole. En el álbum ‘La Indecente’ se pueden encontrar desde temas reggae hasta rumbas, flamenco y
tangos, pasando por el inigualable son cubano. Canciones de sexo, amor y otros menesteres son las que abundan en este disco lleno de ritmo y sobre todo de buen rollo.

Actualmente se encuentran preparando lo que será su próximo disco ‘Rodando las calles’ en el que prometen mantener su inconfundible fusión de estilos añadiendo toques funk, ska ó jazz. Gracias a
la familia de Renombra2 por este disco (incluido arte + letras).

by Liberando Musica


Tracklist :

01 – Me voy de barras

02 – María Ladrón

03 – Masturbación

04 – Rodando las calles

05 – La Pepi

06 – Droga dura

07 – Que no

08 – La indecente

09 – Tengo el corazón

10 – Mercado negro

11 – Loca

12 – WC


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