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septembre 2, 2010

Sagesse – Cool Tempo

Note :

Origine du Groupe : Nederlands

Style : Abstract Hip Hop

Sortie : 2010

creative commons license

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May 15th, precisely one year after the successful Escape, the E.P. album together
Bankrupt Recordings is proud to
Sagesse’s instrumental solo
album titled Cool Tempo.

Sagesse shifted his creativity for this project. Where on “Escape” he did the vocals and musical production together with Crookram, he now temporarily left his
microphone alone to create a full instrumental album. With the help of Crookram as engineer Sagesse managed to create a journey through a wide variety of samples and different drum patterns in an
attempt to discover the essence and boundaries of contemporary Hip Hop music.

Tracklist :

01 i warned them

02 electric moon

03 summer morning rain

04 can’t go

05 i exist

06 lake tanganyika

07 no dutch guyana

08 what good is that happy lie

09 aretha

10 zoombastic

11 i warned them (raw dub remix)

12 lucky day

13 get back

14 on the streets


time: 36′ 38″

release date: 2010.05.15

quality: 320 kbps stereo mp3


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