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octobre 15, 2010

V.A – Salamat Nubianaorl

Origine du Groupe : Egypt

Style : World Music

Sortie : 1996

More new treasures from the Nubian culture vaults presented by Berlin-based Mahmoud Fadl and his group Salamat. A wealth of delicacies from the voluptuous garden of North African tradition –
earthy rhythms and oriental melodies, recorded in Cairo with the stars of the Nubian New Wave scene. A modern tribute to the glorious past of a lost civilisation which nonetheless remains vibrant
through its music. Shake your roots!


Tracklist :

01. Marinthod

02. Yanas Baridouh

03. Noura

04. Zikraati (greetings from Cairo)

05. Elleyl Elhadi

06. El Zekra, Pt. 1

07. El Zekra, Pt. 2

08. Howa Sahih

09. Ashry

10. Sabreh

11. Nuba Noutou


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