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août 5, 2010

Skalpel – Virtual Cuts

Note : ++

Skalpel. Your favorite Polish jazzers gone hip hop. This is a series of 2 mixtapes that Skalpel made a year after their Polish Jazz EP. And is it any wonder they were picked up by Ninja Tune for
their next release? Heavy heavy beats and some jarring production make these ones keepers for sure. Drop the needle on these babies at your next soiree, watch the jaws drop and the genitals

As a ‘lil side note, here’s an interview with
where they talk about how shitty mp3’s are! I guess I’m slightly embarrassed to be sharing and listening to Skalpel’s music on mp3, but I’m sure I’d be less of a person without them,
shitty quality or not. Pick up their other albums too. They have a completely different feel, but it’s a worthwile adventure.



Origine du Groupe : Poland

Style : Mix , Nu-Jazz , Downtempo , DJ

Sortie : 2001

Tracklist :

01 – side – a

02 – side – b



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