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avril 7, 2010

Sonya Spence – In The Dark

Note :


Sortie : 197x

Style : Reggae Groove Lover


Tracklist :

Jet Plane
It Hurts To Be Alone
I Love You So
Damn Him
Make Love To Me In The Dark
No Charge
Peace And Unity
Why Did You Leave Me
Give Thanks

Producer : Sonia Pottinger
Arranger : Rad Bryan & Sonia Pottinger

Remixing Engineer : Errol Brown
Recording Engineer : Errol Brown

Vocals : Sonia Spence
Backing Vocals : Marcia Griffiths & Judy Mowatt
Drums : Sly Dunbar
Bass : Ranchie
Guitar : Rad Bryan
Piano : Ansel Collins
Organ : Ansel Collins
Horns : Vin Gordon & Herman Marquis & Tommy McCook



Un album calme , serein emmener par la douce voix de Sonya , accompagner de quelques légende du Reggae Roots Sly Dunbar , Ansel Colins . Une gallette reggae groovy lover pour se détendre !


by DJ DemonAngel