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juillet 24, 2010

Stomu Yamash’ta – Go Live in Paris

Note :

The primary difference when comparing this live performance and the rendering simply titled Go (1976) is that Go Live From Paris (1978) presents the proceedings (as they exist) in a properly
linear fashion, as correlated to the Eastern mythology that informed the extended two-part suite. This is in direct contrast to Go, which assembled the contents out of sequence. The stage show
was recorded at the Palais Des Sports in Paris, France on June 12, 1976 and the recital setting allows for considerably longer and more exploratory interaction amongst Stomu Yamashta
(percussion/piano), Steve Winwood (vocals/keyboards) and (drums). They are joined by legendary jazz axeman Michael Shrieve,Al DiMeola (guitar) as well as Tangerine Dream and Ash Ra Tempel veteran
Klaus Schulze (synthesizer) — all of whom had contributed to Go. Filling out the band are Jerome Rimson (bass), Pat Thrall (guitar), Brother James (congas) and Karen Friedman (vocals).
Specifically, the licks traded between DiMeola and Shrieve are comparable to the workouts the pair shared as part of the Borboletta (1974) era Santana. In terms of sheer intensity, it is hard to
beat DiMeola’s searing leads and Winwood’s blue-eyed soul on the driving « Ghost Machine, » easily topping its former incarnation. « Surfspin » lands into the funky mid-tempo « Time Is Here »
highlighted by Karen Friedman’s expressive exchanges with Winwood, while Rimson punctuates the rhythm with some penetrating bass interjections. This is followed by the sole Winwood composition
« Winner/Loser, » which further exemplifies how the spontaneity of the concert yields results that best their predecessors. In fact, on the whole the material on Go sounds like a blueprint for the
exceptional and inspired outing found here. The second movement commences with fairly even renditions of the trifecta « Solitude, » « Nature » and « Air Voice » — which had previously been given the
name « Air Over. » « Crossing the Line » is an additional zenith, spotlighted by Winwood’s emotive vocals and the untamed and otherwise incendiary frenzy of fretwork courtesy of DiMeola. Clocking in
just shy of a quarter-hour, « Man of Leo » provides another opportunity for the players to loosen up and fuse their collective improvisations behind DiMeola’s intense soloing and the similarly
seminal instrumental offerings from Shrieve, Rimson — who is at his most melodic — and Freidman’s haunting warbles.

by Spinato’s Musicpills


Origine du Groupe : Japan

Style : Funk , Soul , Experimental

Sortie : 1976

Tracklist :

01 Space song

02 Carnival

03 Wind spin

04 Ghost machine

05 Surf spin

06 Time is here

07 Winner Looser

08 Solitude

09 Nature

10 Air voice

11 Crossing the line

12 Man of Leo

13 Stellar

14 Space Requiem



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