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septembre 14, 2010

Swollen Members – Balance

Origine du Groupe : Canada

Style : Hip Hop , Rap , Abstract Hip Hop

Sortie : 1999

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Romancing the elements of nature, the witching-hour lyricism of the Swollen Members (Madchild and Previal) delves deeply into topics that have yet to be captured or pontificated on wax. SM are
shaman-like oddities in this game, and judging from their topic matter alone, they would seem to fit in more at a Renaissance festival than in hip-hop’s machismo-filled atmosphere. Prevail and
Madchild divulge their cloak-and-dagger lyrics in a highly animated manner, and their chemistry is very developed for a group embarking on their freshman effort. Western guitar riffs and staccato
high hats augment the duo’s mental gymnastics on « Out of Range, » and the Alchemist leads a one-man symphony on the possessed « Horrified Nights. » Swollen Members enlist a stellar supporting cast
throughout, with Dilated Peoples (« Counterparts »), Evidence (« Bottle Rocket »), Everlast, Divine Styler, and Del’s Hieroglyphics ambiance, prevalent on « Left Field » with Unicorn. The witchdoctors
of hip-hop are definitely at the forefront of developing a new style, and after listening to the Swollen Member’s debut, your view of hip-hop may never be the same.

by Matt Conaway


Tracklist :

01 Front Street

02 Out Of Range

03 Consumption (feat. Aceyalone)

04 Lady Venom

05 Shatterproof (feat. Others)

06 Bless And Destroy

07 My Advice

08 Brace Yourself

09 Circuit Breaker

10 Strength

11 Sunburn

12 Left Field (feat. Del)

13 Bottle Rocket (feat. Others)

14 Horrified Nights

15 Valentines Day Massacre (feat. Others)

16 Battle Axe Experiment (feat. Evidence)

17 Forceful (feat. Others)

18 Commited (feat. Son Doobie)

19 Counterparts (feat. Dilated Peoples)

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