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juillet 14, 2010

Puseletso Seema & Tau ea Linare – He O Oe Oe !

Note :

The album ‘He O Oe Oe!’  by the Sotho singer Puseletso Seema,  backed by the group Tau Ea Linares, translated ‘King of Buffaloes, was originally released in 1985 by Globestyle, the UK
label of Ben Mandelson and is long out of print. The recordings on this album are unique because Ben, as a passionate music aficionado, arranged for the meeting of Puseletso Seema and Tau Ea
Linare, who normally record separately.

Sotho traditional music is an integral part of Sotho social education and traditionally links hearing with the understanding of the natural and social worlds. The Sotho describe instruments as
either liletsa tsa matsoho (those sounded by the hand) or liletsa tsa molomo (those sounded by the mouth). The former category includes the moropa and skupu drums, these days often made from oil
cans because of scarcity of wood. The latter category includes the lesiba, a mouth-resonated stick-zither sounded by blowing. The primary use of the lesiba is in cattle-herding; bird sounds and
actions are seen to affect cattle; these sounds can be imitated on the lesiba and the instrument is thus used to control the animals’ behaviour. The whistles and yipping are herdboy’s calls as
recorded for the particular song.




Origine du Groupe : Lesotho

Style : World Music

Sortie : 1985

Tracklist :

1 He o oe oe !

2 Leshano

3 Vatse halenone

4 Ha motsoane

5 Mathabo

6 Tsetala Linare

7 Thaba tsepe

8 Katla ka sotleha

9 Bajoetse saki

10 Kesetse mahlomolenu



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