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octobre 20, 2010

The Non – Tadaima

Origine du Groupe : North America

Style : Alternative Rock , Instrumental

Sortie : 2010

The Non release their latest album, Tadaima, this weekend at The Conservatory in
Oklahoma City. The album was recorded at Blackwatch Studios in Norman.

“Although The Non’s signature guitar-driven melodies and driving drum lines are still present, “Tadaima” seems decidedly more complete than its predecessor. It has fewer atmospherics and —
despite being assembled in studios in Norman, Chicago and Toronto — sounds less wandering.” – Becky Carman (Oklahoma Gazette)

“The attention to detail shows, with moments of “Tadaima” echoing the sounds of Battles or No Age at times, but also Radiohead and Dirty Projectors at others.” – Joshua Boydstun
(The Oklahoma Daily)


Tracklist :

01. No Spark, No Fire

02. Pigeon Force

03. Horse Leper

04. Bhabha

05. Waveshapes

06. Cloud Collision

07. Mimsy

08. At Brillig

09. The Days to Come

10. Tadaima



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